Sunday, March 13, 2011

Finding Vivian Maier a $100,000 by

Tomorrow a project entitled "Finding Vivian Maier" - a feature length documentary with a pre-production funding target of $20,000 will have overreached its target with a culm of $104,207 as of this posting. What makes "Finding Vivian Maier" - a feature length documentary film such a winner...Well the answer is in the authenticity of the project and most of all the person the film is ultimately about. Vivian Maier nanny and street photographer who caught history in time and asked for nothing in return will unfold in this feature length documentary and take her humble place in the pantheon of undiscovered talent while alive, only to become globally famous upon her death and with the discovery of her pictures a truly amazing story will finally be told thanks to John Maloof, Anthony Rydzon, and award-winning Danish documentary film maker, Lars Mortensen.

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