Saturday, March 28, 2015

Facebook because of its scale has the platform just waiting for crowd funding $


By James de Rin  - Friday March 27th 2015

The brands of Crowd Sourcing and Crowd Funding are patiently building market share as they disrupt the financial, equity, and rewards' crowd funding sectors. As Funding Circle, Crowd Cube,  Kickststarter and Indiegogo grow so too their tipping point grows nearer and nearer. A tipping point that companie’s like Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, HSBC, Citi Bank, Chase and Wells Fargo cannot ignore. Facebook because of its scale has the platform just waiting for crowd funding $ and Apple with its new payment system has the ecosystem. So until the behemoths realize what’s coming down the track then Funding Circle and Kick Starter and Indiegogo are ok but once the light bulb goes on at Facebook or Apple that’s when crowd funding will become a global people's bank funding business and peoples projects one $ at a time! Only the other day Facebook announced a walled garden for certain news outlets trying to grab a piece of Drudge's, the Drudge Report's business model. 

"The Old Grey Lady of newspapers is reportedly partnering with a brash newcomer in the publishing game — Facebook.
In a scoop about itself this week, The New York Times reported the paper will give up some of its precious website traffic to the social-media giant, a move that some media observers call a power shift in the digital publishing landscape.
Under the proposed deal, Facebook would host content from prominent news outlets such as The Times, National Geographic and Buzz Feed directly inside the Facebook app." 
I still prefer Drudge but Facebook has learnt from Microsoft that you do not remain static and sell the same software in a box year after year (remember that) you move, you change, you acquire before you lose market share. 
If everything in our capitalistic culture revolves around purpose for money and payment systems and jobs and projects then it is only logical that the end game is that crowd funding will replace the banks or become the bank! This isn't a run on the banks it is a run away from the banks for micro lending and micro equity funding or as today's buzzword Crowd Funding or what I like to call let's Crowd Source Capital. 

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