Thursday, July 2, 2009

How the Best Job In the world was crowdsourced.

If you haven't heard of The Best Job In The World then you've been living under a rock.What has become the most successful PR stunt in living memory shows that a simple idea and crowd sourcing can work globally on a scale no ad agency could ever believe possible.To Learn More Click HereIs this the greatest PR stunt ever? Ben Southall Global media flocked to the islandSome stories are as much about public relations as they are news. This week marked the culmination of one of the greatest examples, which has left the PR industry gasping in admiration, says Ian Hall.In a blaze of publicity, more than a thousand media organisations around the world this week reported that the job of "caretaker" of Hamilton Island in Australia had been given to a 34-year-old ostrich-rider from Hampshire, Ben Southall. Given that part of a PR executive's job is to sell a product without paying for advertising space, then Tourism Queensland's "best job in the world" competition has been a PR triumph that has left those whose day-job it is to devise such campaigns green with envy. To Learn More Click Here

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