Friday, July 3, 2009

Engadget founders launch new crowdsourced site, Gdgt

Peter Rojas and Ryan Block are among the world’s most recognized bloggers on any topic, not just tech. The website they built together, Engadget, is one of the world’s most-read blogs. Engadget and its crosstown rival site Gizmodo set the bar for fast reporting of gearhead news far, far above the heads of the older, deeper-pocketed publications whose audiences they stole. (Technically, I don’t think Block is a “founder,” but he certainly made the site his own.) Today the pair are launching a new gadget site, Gdgt, that lets gadget fans rather than hired writers generate the content. The site’s premise is simple: The only thing better than Engadget would be something like Engadget that lets anyone crazy enough contribute. gdgt-logo-webRojas and Block each left Engadget separately after a few years of frenetic round-the-clock blogging. Here’s their one-paragraph description of how Gdgt differs from Engadget. In short, they’re crowdsourcing what used to be done by a small team of young writers:
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