Thursday, April 15, 2010

Japan gets into crowdsourcing with Samurai Factory

Samurai Factory Debuts Manga Ad Crowdsourcing Service

Web services company Samurai Factory announced the release of Manga Ad, an advertising service to crowdsource design requests for clients desiring a manga style for their ad campaign.

Manga Ad will make appeals for ad designs for prospective clients, and designs selected will receive Ninja Points for use in the Ninja Tools family of services as well as compete with each other for prize money based on the ranking of click-through rate (CTR) for selected designs. Prize money will vary based on the scale of the campaign.

Company President Kenji Ito comments, “We have found that having manga designs in advertising campaigns create a deeper connection between the user and the product or service being advertised. This has been clearly demonstrated to us through testing manga/non-manga versions to our users and the manga versions have been much more successful.”

Ito also believes that aspiring manga artists will welcome the chance for more freelance work. “By crowdsourcing the ad designs to our users, we feel we are providing an opportunity for manga artists to hone their skills while being able to earn some income in the process.”

The initial release of Manga Ad ( will be limited to campaigns restricted to Japan, but plans include expanding coverage to global campaigns in the near future.

Samurai Factory is a leading provider of web services in Japan, with a total of over two million registered Ninja Tools users.
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