Wednesday, April 28, 2010

VW Turning To Crowdsourcing For In-Car Infotainment Application Ideas

Beginning on May 3rd, Volkswagen will launch an “App My Ride” contest where designers, programmers, developers and interested users can submit an idea for a new in-car infotainment application. Inspired by the innovative application development process and ‘app stores’ of Google and Apple, VW will become the first car manufacturer to use the idea of open innovation for the development of its products.

When the site is open, “App My Ride” will allow anyone to review ideas, try submitted apps, and comment on the designs. VW will also have their existing apps available to analyse and comment on. One winning developer will get to take part in a special VW vehicle reveal along with a cash prize. For a lucky student, VW is offering a placement position in their research group offices in either Tokyo, Shanghai, California or Wolfsburg.
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