Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Out of Volcanic Ash Blooms Creative Spirit

The Rumpus points out a cool new project that is underway as a result of the thousands of travelers stranded across the globe in the wake of Volcanopocalypse 2010. Writer and editor Andrew Losowsky is attempting to crowd source the content for a magazine purely from the talents of the creative folks who have been halted by the Volcano eruption in Iceland. The memorable tag line that Losowsky is using for the project is “If there’s one thing my ol’ ma taught me, it’s that when life gives you volcanoes, make magazines. And so we shall.”

Lososwky is looking for “designers, writers, photographers, illustrators, art directors and anyone else who is stranded by the ash cloud, and would like something to do.” From the project’s web site, here is the official casting call:

If you’re out there and interested, email me and tell me what you do. I’ll then give you an assignment to complete today/tomorrow. Depending on how long this thing lasts, we’ll work the rest of it out from there. The copyright will remain yours on anything you produce, I just ask for permission to include it in the currently-untitled ashcloud magazine (working titles include Grounded, SkyFail and Someday We’ll Fly Away.)

If you’d like to be a part of the core creative team who will put together this impromptu publication, let me know as well. The only criterion for any contributor is that, like me, you have to be stuck somewhere unintentionally.

If all goes well, the results will be published, probably via MagCloud and/or the Newspaper Club, and any proceeds sent to a charity that helps mitigate the effects of climate change on human populations. After all, we have to repent somehow.

Quite the intriguing idea. So if you are stranded and want to do something rather than sit around in an airport or bus station or train station, send Losowsky an e-mail and do something with your time. Or you could go the John Cleese route and when your plane does not take off you can book yourself a 5,100 dollar cab ride across Europe.
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