Wednesday, May 26, 2010

HuffPost Business Is Looking For The 'Innovator Of The Week'

We're looking for a few good innovators.

As the U.S. economy digs out from underneath the rubble of the greatest financial crisis since the Great Depression, the Huffington Post is looking for the entrepreneurs, CEOs and forward-thinking business leaders who are determined to do things differently. HuffPost Business is launching a new crowd-sourced feature called the HuffPost Innovator of the Week. The idea is simple. We're looking for the unheralded companies that are changing the way they -- and their competitors -- do business on a daily basis.

Though we'd be happy to find the next Steve Jobs or a future MacArthur grant recipient, we're looking for more than just sheer technological innovation. We're out to discover the companies that are leading the way in the creation of new business models, pushing corporate, environmental and social responsibility forward and generally reinventing what we think a for-profit firm can do. Nominees can range from local start-ups to established firms that have re-imagined a significant portion of their business.

Here's the wrinkle: each week, we'll feature a handful of the most noteworthy companies from our submissions and leave it up to HuffPost users to decide which is most innovative and ground-breaking. We will be soliciting submissions on HuffPost Business, and via our Twitter and Facebook accounts.

(You can also take part in the conversation on our Innovators of the Week via the Twitter hashtag #innovate.)

To submit an innovative company, provide a short description below and a picture of the founder, CEO or entrepreneur behind the company you're nominating.

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