Saturday, May 15, 2010

Web extra: More Resources for Crowdsourcing

If you’re a small-business owner, your resources are probably limited. The following sites can help you employ crowdsourcing to help with everything from marketing and design to innovation for products and services.

Marketing and Design


This creative online community with thousands of innovated students, designers and marketers is ready to help you with your ideas. Use RedesignMe for product design, logo design, idea generation or marketing concepts for your company.


CrowdSPRING offers logo, graphic design and writing services for small businesses at an affordable price. Post your creative project, creatives submit their ideas, and then you choose the one you like best. Set your own price and deadline. An average project gets more than 100 entries.

Atizo connects your business with outside innovators and collaborators to create new ideas and concepts for your company.

Freelancers Platforms


Join a community of competitive software developers, programmers and graphic designers who build software for companies ranging from Fortune 100s to small businesses.

Use this crowdsourcing site for your copywriting needs. Get your business material professionally produced, including business plans, Web content, presentations and press releases.

Thousands of Clickworkers can assist in the fast and efficient processing of projects for your business.

Open Innovation Software


This company helps solve your business’s biggest, most important problems, such as boosting revenue growth and profitability, increasing collaboration, maintaining sustainability, and improving processes. It specializes in innovation, idea management and developing methods, processes, and software tools to help your business thrive.

Tap into the minds of your employees, customers and partners to help drive the value of your company. Spigit’s innovation management software helps your business improve process efficiencies, decrease time to market, discover subject-matter experts within your organization, and connect people across departmental and geographic boundaries.

This portal of experts from around the world can help your business with advice and ideas, like giving innovated ideas for a marketing campaign, boosting your company’s PR, and developing products and services.

Intermediary Open Innovation Services

Big Idea Group

This site has an open source network of 13,000 problem solvers and inventors to solve your innovation challenges. It will help develop and execute your innovations and generate ideas in products, services and marketing.

Chaordix is a multipurpose crowdsourcing engine for open innovation, market prediction, brand collaboration, research and discovery for your company.

Peer Production

Involve innovators outside of your business to assist in design for innovative products and services.
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