Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hukilau crowdsources $ for ipad movie producers

Hukilau and the art of filmmaking

Clap app. The iPad could be a boon to movie making. How? We’ll tell you. Hukilau has just launched its Slate app for Apple’s new gear. The digital slate – aka the clapperboard – boasts the usual fields for items such as the production name and scene number. Plus, and this could be the kicker, if you shake that iPad you get an authentic clapping sound.
Actually, Hukilau’s an interesting outfit providing film, video and alternate reality game projects with crowdsource funding and matching funds.
“Hukilau is a response to the current and future predicaments facing medium to low budget film,” says Hukilau founder, Joseph Matheny. “Namely, that funding for traditional sources – i.e. studios, networks and even angel investors – has become almost non-existent for such projects.
“This predicament also spells a lack of viewing choices for fans of those films as well. We propose to spearhead our solution with a site that functions as a portal for first time or established filmmakers to propose short or feature length film/video or ARG style projects to a community of film enthusiasts and aspiring or established producers for crowdsource style funding. It could also be used for a number of projects, like aspiring bands wanting to make a music video.”
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