Crowd Source Capital is launching a funding platform called showcases projects, ideas and skills using a propriety funding platform, which enables project owners in need of capital to raise funds in eight ways: Charity, Patronage, Pay It Forward, Sponsorship/ Advertising, Loan, Brand Equity, Sharia Compliant Funding and bartering.

$350bn available to entrepreneurs according to Global Entrepreneurship Monitor(GEM) Report

Now in its 11th year, the 2009 GEM report was based on a study of 54 countries, and more than 180,00 interviews. The study was established by London Business School and Babson College in the US. "Throughout the world, would-be entrepreneurs reported greater difficulty in obtaining financial backing for their start-up activities, especially from informal investors - families, friends, and strangers," said Professor Bill Bygrave of Babson College, one of the founders of GEM.

He said this pool of money had declined from $400bn (£247bn) to $350bn, a 12.5% drop across the 33 countries that taken part in both the 2008 and the 2009 GEM surveys. And it was not necessarily in developing countries that start ups found it difficult to secure financing in 2009. Among wealthier nations a quarter of new entrepreneurs feel the prospects for their businesses are now more positive in 2010 than a year earlier.
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