About Us

Crowd Source Capital Ltd is a UK registered company set up in 2009 as a company to research the crowd sourcing space, the business models being deployed and what it takes to make a successful crowd sourcing business model. Crowd Source Capital started to gather together all the information resources on crowd sourcing which included all sectors, whether they be creative or financial.

What became clear was the lack of a simple funding platform that allowed anyone from any country to submit their project and raise capital using crowd sourcing techniques. Crowd Source Capital has evolved into an open interactive information hub for crowd sourcing everything and anything. A new funding platform is being created and branded FundaBrand.com, which launches later this year.

Crowd Source Capital currently has three  areas of activity.

    Crowd Source Capital has its head office in London, England with representative offices in Silicon Valley and Switzerland.

    We are building three main communities where projects, skills, ideas and capital can be sourced shared and discussed

    1. Community of project owners - Get help and raise funds without losing control of your project. Set your own terms, profit-share, interest rate. The more reasonable  your terms are, the greater the probability you will meet your funding target.

    2. Community of consultants/advisors and helpers - Get paid in fabdollars.

    3. Community of project fans/supporters - Vote with your fab dollars  and hold a diversified portfolio of thousands of borrowers and  back thousands of projects from as little as $1.00 per project. Choose the risk and return that you want.

    Note:  Crowd Source Capital provides a great way to diversify one's investment portfolio outside stocks, bonds and real estate. Before you begin investing, make sure you understand how the process works and understand the risk involved, start with $1.00 per project.  Start out with a small loan portfolio and be ready for some trial and error before figuring out a good mix of loans to invest in.