Tuesday, March 6, 2018

A permanent solution for the homeless and unemployment problem in the United Kingdom.

Crowd Source Capital benefits the homeless and unemployed 

Proposal: A permanent solution for the homeless and unemployment problem in the United Kingdom. 

Idea: A mandatory (government chooses) or self-made (they choose), weekly £1 deduction from the unemployment benefit,  crowd funded from over 2,000,000 unemployed people in the UK  is transferred into a REIT (The Unemployed Real Estate Investment Trust), a property fund to buy UK nationwide properties for cash which are then owned in a £1 for 1 share structure by those who put in the money who are in fact the unemployed  and the homeless, (those on weekly benefits or donations).

After 52 weeks the REIT would have a gross income of £104,000,000 (after 1 year)  and over £1billion after 10 years which is invested in real estate rented by and remodeled by the unemployed and the homeless. 

The REIT property management company a separate entity would not take a salary just a gross management fee of 5% to run the REIT.

Properties would have no Mortgage or lien (debt) and we would look for properties that need work or remain unsold for whatever reason which could be heavily discounted upon purchase. We would also look at foreclosures and duplexes and apartment buildings. We would also look at properties with land and gardens that would be liked by the homeless. They could literally camp and live outside their own house on their own land if they chose to in good weather, that they have legally bought and remodeled. We would prefer they lived inside their house, but there will be times when a transition is necessary.

After year one we would create an App for like-minded people (because they care) who might wish to invest in the REIT to compound the peoples' financial power of purchasing a REIT owned by the unemployed and homeless. But ownership in REIT 1 would always be the unemployed and homeless who paid in because then they will have a residual income and a deed to the property through their shares.

We are a pimp of hope and we push dreams with the help of the politicians like the ex-president Barack Obama who has become even more popular since leaving office and we would ask him to be the spokesperson for Crowd Source Capital for the UK homeless and unemployed. 

Being Homeless can be caused by a multitude of problems and this includes mental illness but this could change with real estate ownership for those less fortunate than the majority but who as a crowd have huge financial purchasing power. 

Thank you for reading this. I understand this is radical and at the beginning, it is a tiny pioneering solution but over time and with the crowd it becomes a compounded self-fulfilling prophecy.

We believe that teaching a man or women to fish (metaphor) in the long term beats charity which needs a residual donation. With this model, the REIT would rise to be a major player in the real estate market changing the situation of the homeless and unemployed permanently over time.

Thank you for reading this.

Our first purchase for £350,000 plus vat (20%) and it's freehold would be the Norman Arms in Saint Leonards on Sea on the corner of Norman and Western Road in East Sussex, United Kingdom currently for sale to the highest bidder...

see link the Norman Arms