Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Crowd funding for dollars

By James de Rin - in London 

We live in exciting times. With every day passing the end game beckons to disrupt the banking system,  sometime in 2026, the payment system, our credit cards, banking, virtual currency, the block chain, or let's just call it "money" like the Pink Floyd song, as we know it and ultimately funding new projects with equity or loans for start ups, small businesses or in simple english "ideas". 

Who will win the financial arms race? The cyber punk futurists, the freaked out bankers, the block chain specialists, the venture capitalists or some one with a really high IQ and a Mensa membership who makes a simple mass adoption that's accepted by regulation (tricky) and the people that's you and me who actually adopt that app, mechanism, or start up. Snapchat is catching up with Facebook,  and you tube needs a complete reboot Netflix, Amazon prime, Hulu anyone?

Crowd Sourcing and Crowd Funding is littered with expendables like Quirky. It never pays to be first into the space. It's the mop ups that seem to get it right. They learn from other's expensive mistakes and refine, study and usually get lucky. Most success stories were not by design but by being in the right place at the right time. You don't even need an office anymore which seems to be replacing Regus with community space!

Facebook is now massive $117 - $120 a share but when it floated at $38 a share and dropped to $16 a share who knew. Only with mass adoption on the cellphone did Facebook get it right. Google is still getting there with mobile. My point is with Facebook you have your market already built. The next step with the block chain that trendy mechanism to reinvent secure contracts away from dark web bit coin exchanges and with R3 and now Chain in New York rebooting banking by digitising dollars into the block chain for the banking brands! We used to say dialing for dollars now it's digitising for dollars!

It's coming except it won't be instant, it will be stealth, it will crawl up on us by 2026 and by then it will have been accepted. Digitised banking for millennials on the block chain. 

Our idea is "Block chain equity crowd funding on Facebook, snapchat, what's app, you tube". I love the Bloomberg terminal ad mantra: any platform, anywhere! There is nothing to stop Facebook doing it themselves but they seem more focused on advertising dollars, virtual reality and competing with You tube videos when the biggest prize would be a Facebook bank, crowd funding dollars for projects. It's a Kickstarter meets Facebook play with equity on the block chain. coming soon...

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Crowd Fund Capital on the block chain...

By James de Rin - in London 

Back in 2009 we bought the domain name and more recently  Now in 2016 the next big boom already upon us in Internet start ups is fin tech or financial tech the total disruption of the traditional banking model. Even the banks have realised that they must adapt or die by 2026 with fin tech as part of their business model or be replaced by twenty year olds, millennials whose start ups disrupt as did Amazon, Facebook and Google. Who will be the Google of fin tech? Do you really want to put your money in a bank at 1 %interest and have your bank lend it to their customer at 3,6, or 22%. now the banking system is considering negative interest rates.
Complete madness. 

In the UK, banks are closing their branches faster than a tesla! Why, because most people use Apple Pay, online banking or credit cards. The days of going into a branch and knowing anyone are over. Only Metro Bank in the UK seems to think that a branch is the future. Judging by their stock it isn't helping! First Direct an online only bank owned by HSBC blows most competitors away! HSBC has pushed Defcon 4 on their branch closings a shift followed by Lloyds bank. In one town in East Sussex the only bank left is Nationwide, Lloyds gone, HSBC gone...

Now when I say fin tech it comes in many forms. Lending can be peer to peer...the big focus is on the block chain and Bitcoin and Ethereum so that transactions can be coded. As I understand it each transaction can have its own DNA code for security. This is why Microsoft has adopted Ethereum a reboot of Bitcoin but on whole another level. 

So where does this leave fin tech and crowd funding? Like a Clint Eastwood movie, it's the Wild West all over again. Anything goes because the disruption is disrupting conventional banking. Code, the block chain and an app, well even apps are old school many can you download on your iphone and actually use. 50% of apps are bought and abandoned by the customer. Impulse buy meets reality check! It's time for bots. Crowdbots?

So it's time to build a fin tech platform on the block chain of ethereum but with Netflix for projects. A crowd funded ecosystem on the block chain using video as hardly anyone reads a brand anyone?