Saturday, May 28, 2022

 Dear Rick Caruso,

I have an idea for your campaign to solve the homeless problem in Los Angeles and win the election.

I came to Los Angeles in my 20s and worked in the film business and got married and had a family and lived in Highland Park and started The Highland Park News. 

My solution for the homeless problem in Los Angeles is to buy real estate for the homeless owned by the "unemployed and homeless" as their own ecosystem of ownership. 

I took this project to MPs in the UK and they listened but I got stuck in the benefits department. 
They understood the concept but were scared of its change and power. It is radical change using capitalism. 

Pitch: Very simply take a $1.00 from the unemployed every Friday paycheck and buy real estate and keep going. The unemployed and homeless do up the properties in trust with equal shares to those who put in $1.00 - Crowd Source Capital - Trust 

At present vested interests are paid $ to house the homeless on the streets or in tents. I am talking about giving them ownership in real estate that they own, fix, and rent out. Their very own ecosystem. Yes, it needs their permission, the government's permission, the state's permission but instead of spending and it's gone. It would be spent and owned by the very people society wants to move somewhere else. This model ends benefit culture and turns benefit into ownership into investment into permanent change.  

Properties would be bought by the trust, owned by the Trust with the shareholders made up of those on benefits, and homeless. It would give them a permanent address. and a portion would go towards establishing mental health homes, staff, and help. 

If you really want to give back. start this and its legacy will continue long after we are all gone. It will compound. And the general public will get behind it because it's the same model as the American dream. Currently, Los Angeles is being treated like a toilet with homeless, and crime. Real estate is your background you should get this concept and it just needs a few powerful people to say ok. And then wow we have lift off.  Even though real estate prices have gone astronomic we can still compete, still buy, and still develop using benefit money every Friday to actually buy and include those who feel left behind. 

Five minutes of your time. My good friend Henry Reyes from Highland Park is good friends with 
a security guard who worked for you. 


James de Rin
Crowd Source Capital Ltd - Fund a Brand Ltd 
P.O.Box 4272
Foster City

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