Sunday, June 13, 2010

This video was made in 2007

Casaleggio Associati ( develops strategies for companies who want to invest in the Net and produces Reports on the digital economy.
The company's objective is to develop a Net culture through original studies, articles, books, newsletters, seminars and through the creation of brainstorming and focus groups.
Casaleggio Associati defines the structure, purpose and implementation process for sustainable and profitable business models for the use of the Net and identifies web marketing strategies through the study of the target of reference, the message to be conveyed and the channels to be used.
Casaleggio Associati assists companies in the development of the Intranet that allows each individual company user to access the processes and information through a dedicated profiled portal.
Finally, it identifies social networking techniques for companies that operate in the “relationship business” (such as CRM, sales processes, Intranet marketing, etc.) and develops social network applications for the analysis, management and direction of relationships.
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