Monday, October 25, 2010

Crowd funding the unemployed to create the Unemployed Corporation of England

Part 1: UCOE

Crowd sourcing the unemployed to create the Unemployed Corporation of England

by James de Rin

With all the talk of austerity and cut backs in the UK and the USA I thought it might be good to pitch a crowd funding idea I have been mulling over for months now. It’s only an idea so don’t freak out. Let’s research how many people are unemployed in the UK. The answer according to Google is 2.45 million. So let’s say we crowd source the unemployed or crowd fund the unemployed in the UK. We ask all the unemployed to put in 1 pound. You say they don’t have any money, probably true but I’m only asking for 1 pound. So say all of them put in 1 pound we would have 2,450,000 pounds in a fund. Let’s call it the Unemployed Corporation of England (UCOE). Now let’s buy some real estate. Let’s buy a pub for say 150,000 pounds, there are currently 1,000 pubs for sale in the UK. Let’s then employ a portion of the unemployed to fix it up and pay them. So now the fund called UCOE owns a building it paid 150,000 for what is then revalued at 200,000 and we rent the rooms in it for 560 a week and we turn the pub into a Starbucks for 5,000 a month and the shop into a charity shop called Trash for 3,000 a month. So now we have all these revenue streams for the fund. And so we do it again and again. And then the politicians hear about it and they say we will match funds for UCOE. And so we have twice as much money as we had before. We have created employment and an asset fund and made a profit that goes back into the fund. What do you think? How many unemployed in the USA?

Email: with your ideas, comments and suggestions. Should we do this for real?

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