Friday, December 4, 2009

You can’t lean back if you want to get ahead and The Future of Advertising...

by Edward Boches: My week began by attending the premiere of Lemonade with a bunch of people who’d been spat out by the business of advertising. Fired because their clients cut budgets, because they worked for “traditional” agencies rather than digital shops, because their old skills were less relevant in a new consumer-controlled world where word of mouth, social media, one-to-one, and analytics are becoming as important as “the big idea” once was.

The movie that was good enough to play in a real movie house, attract a few hundred people, and earn the attention of Katie Couric whose CBS crew showed up to document the entire evening was made possible by the power of social media. Blogs and Twitter introduced the idea, identified subjects, connected volunteers, recruited resources and gathered a tribe that would never have come together in any other way.

Yet when I asked a number of the unemployed in attendance if they had embraced the new platforms and technologies, learned new tactics, mastered the art of personal brand building and started creating and generating content using the new vernacular, many answered with a tentative “not really,” or even a definitive “not yet.”

Amazing when you think about it. They’d lost their jobs because of all the change...
Today I spoke at Boston University’s College of Communication. The subject was (what else) The Future of Advertising...And finally, agencies themselves no longer resemble their ancestors. They’re as likely to be entirely digital, totally social, or completely crowd-sourced.
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