Monday, July 19, 2010

Are you a Film Threat?

Nowadays, it seems like everyone is a filmmaker, or has a friend that’s a filmmaker. Everyone’s got that great project in the works, everyone’s going to re-define the state of cinema as we know it… but are they really? Are there any filmmakers or films worthy of being called a true “Film Threat” anymore? We here at Film Threat like to think that those filmmakers and films are out there, and we want to help find even more.

Are you a filmmaker? Are you currently in production and looking for funds via Kickstarter, IndieGoGo or other crowdfunding efforts? Let Film Threat know about your project and, once a week, we’ll showcase one project we deem to be worthy of being a “Certified Film Threat in Progress.”

That’s right, every Monday, starting July 25, 2010, we’re going to feature one film or film-related project in progress that we feel is worth your and our time. From there, it’s up to our passionate, film-hungry and film-savvy readers to decide whether they want to take that extra step to help make these projects in progress a reality. It’s then up to you, the filmmaker, to live up to the faith we’re putting in you and your efforts by giving you such lofty praise as featuring you and your project as a top story on our site (seriously, you want this; studio films and indies alike routinely angle for space and feature stories on our site).

So how to you get featured on Film Threat? How does your project become a “Certified Film Threat in Progress”? Simple, fill out the form below and send it on. We’ll begin reviewing the various projects that come in, and if you tickle our fancy and we find you and your project worthy, you’ll hear from us as we focus our editorial efforts on you and yours...
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