Monday, July 12, 2010

David Lynch fans to fund latest film

by Nick Collins The Daily Telegraph

A documentary about David Lynch, the Hollywood film director, is to be funded by donations from his fans in the latest example of 'crowd funding'. Lynch Three, a documentary about the director, known for his cult films including Eraserhead and Mulholland Drive, will be financed in part by donations from members of the public.
To raise money for the film Lynch, who trained as an artist, has drawn a self-portrait and fans donating a minimum of $50 will be sent a print of it.
The move follows a growing trend for crowd-sourced films in Hollywood, with the film makers turning to the web to generate funding after finding it increasingly hard to get financial backing for their projects.
A number of websites offer financial donors the chance to have an "executive producer" credit at the end of a movie.
Jon Nguyen, producer for Lynch Three, told The Times: "A film can take a long time to finance so we had this crowd-funding idea. We went to David Lynch for his seal of approval and he was up for it.
"He ended up making an abstract self-portrait and we're going to give an original print of it to anyone who chooses to donate $50 towards the film, or a T-shirt featuring the print. We hope to raise part of the money in this way."
People who donate to Lynch Three, the third in a trilogy of documentaries about Lynch's career, will also have the opportunity to have a say in the content by suggesting questions to put to the director during the film.
The move follows the decision by Ridley Scott, the director of Robin Hood and Gladiator, to produce his next film from content uploaded to YouTube by members of the public.
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