Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The new face of venture capital: Crowdfunding’s big bang

By Kevin Lawton

Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding are on a rise, as the returns produced by conventional VC networks continue to be lower than expected. They are, in fact, growing so fast that a “big bang” seems imminent as startups become a public asset class.

And when Wall Street starts to get involved, things move quickly. Ultimately, this could be a 1000x force-multiplier for crowd-funding.

This presentation (the first part of which can be found here and the second part of which can be found here) is meant to assist both Limited Partners and entrepreneurs alike and has been wrought from a life in startups and studying the business of innovation.

This is Part 3 of "The New Face of Venture Capital". It talks about the imminent "big bang" of crowd-funding in startups and content creation due to startups becoming a public asset class. When Wall Street gets involved, things move. This could easily be a 1000x force-multiplier for crowd-funding.

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