Monday, June 29, 2009

Jan Goodey on how to fund your film with friends. It has eco-credentials to satisfy even the sternest critics, but that's not all: the climate change docudrama The Age of Stupid has pioneered in the UK a funding and distribution technique that complements its subject matter all the way. The Age of Stupid is written and directed by activist filmmaker Franny Armstrong (who made the documentary McLibel), and has used a method called "crowd-funding" - a mixture of social events, mass email pleas and website donations. Like much in the world of eco-activism, crowd funding first emerged in the US, with radical film-maker Robert Greenwald famously raising $250,000 in 10 days for his 2006 film Iraq for Sale. "When we first showed our plans to our lawyer," says Armstrong, "he told us: 'It's the most original film funding scheme I've seen in 25 years working in the industry.'" To Learn More Click Here

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