Monday, June 29, 2009

Crowd Source Capital (CSC)

Crowd Source Capital’s proposition IME or WE? While most internet companies push their island, border and territorial mentality (brand, name, closed world) the public and CSC see the internet as a sea jumping from island to island or at least I do. Only the Googles and now Bing see all competition and include it in their searchs. Our ideology is to list, include, discuss, and mention all involved in the crowd sourcing space relevant to Creative, Financial and Charitable. So we become the Social Business Network of Crowd Sourcing. After all It’s not What You Know It’s Who Do You Know? So if there is competition always include it and you remain the sea not an island. Contrarian thinking, but pretty obvious if you want to be the pipeline, gateway, or ocean to all these islands. I was recently asked while working at what I wanted to do. My answer is now to create a social business network which doesn’t exist to aggregate the planet to make, create and distribute whatever it is you really want to do. Whether it be to make a film, finance a film, publish a book, sell a product, network or to reinvent the charity giving paradigm or just to think more. A mentor once told me there are two types of people in the world I,ME’s and WE’s. Don’t “I,ME” it "We it" with Crowd Source Capital (CSC).

James & Jonathan de Rin
Nordic Partnership
June 2009

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