Monday, June 29, 2009

The Big Give facilitates the most unique fundraising initiative by matching £1million of donations to charity.

The Reed Foundation gave The Big Give the responsibility if overseeing the largest match donation programme that UK charities have ever experienced. All charities where welcome to take part in encouraging their supporters to optimise donations...
Alec Reed CBE, set up the Reed Foundation several years ago, with the intention of supporting good causes and charities with profits from the organisation Mr Reed set up in the late 1980's Reed Recruitment. It was identified that their where hundreds of philanthropic individuals who wished to support targeted initiatives, hence the birth of the unique website The Big Give.

As part of the overall activities of The Big Give, a new unique fundraising initiative was extended to the team, which was to engage with over 4000 charities signed up to The Big Give website and encourage all to take part in this unique match fundraising initiative.
As far as Charities Trust is aware the Reed Foundation £1million matched donation initiative is the first of its kind in the UK.

The Big Give, backed by the Reed Foundation, is pleased to announce that other similar initiatives will occur in the future.
Charities Trust has been invited by The Big Give to provide the facility of passing donations to any of the 4000 charities listed on The Big Give website, which is the most cost effective and securest way. Charities Trust provides the facility to enable organisations to pass donations to 1000's of charities on a regular basis, and it is our privilege to be part of of this fantastic philanthropic initiative.
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