Tuesday, October 6, 2009

ANDYs Crowdsource Jury Selection

NEW YORK The International ANDY Awards is crowd sourcing its jury selection, said show co-chairs Ty Montague and Michael Lebowitz.Beginning today at electthejury.com, members of the global ad community can vote for and nominate potential jurors for the 2010 International ANDY Awards. "Our hope and our goal here is to bring in people with a greater diversity of both discipline and cultural background," said Montague, co-president and CCO of JWT North America "[And in doing so] that we get a more accurate, fair snapshot of what has been done in the past year." Big Spaceship CEO and founder Lebowitz added, "The composition of the jury is as important, or maybe more important, than the individuals on that list." The site features a selection of more than 120 potential jurors and also allows visitors to nominate others who are not already listed for the final jury of 25. Deadline for participation is November 15. "We believe in the wisdom of crowds," said Montague. "Hopefully, we will turn people up that we hadn't thought of as potential jury members."
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