Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Will crowdsourcing save Hollywood?

The LA Times today states that the old business model of DVD driven sales to prop up Hollywood and A list stars is over. It was over a long time ago…Blockbuster is a graveyard moving over to the Red Box business model of vending machines at a $1.00 a disc. Red Box is a huge hit in America (suggest you kick the tyres…) watch people...as you leave the supermarket you grab a movie. And movie stars can’t save a bad movie! Netflix will last as long as people like DVDs in an envelope…and now Hollywood, as LA Times says it needs, a new business model. We propose crowdsourcing on a massive scale yet to be tried... If you haven’t seen the new Bruce Willis movie trailer for The Surrogates Please do.
Ask yourself, if you would invest in this movie after being shown this trailer. I would, based on the trailer as a member of the public I like it and will go and see it. With the executive shuffle in Hollywood executives need to reduce risk as the LATimes says Transformers 3 and Lego movies are a baby blanket for high risk poker players with $100 million budgets. But if it is the crowd who determines what gets made again ie the II after the movie usually means the first one made a profit. And if focus groups determine how a movie ends? Why not commit all the way to crowdsourcing in terms of financing a feature film, putting stars in it that make sense and roll the dice with the public’s involvement. Simon Cowell only makes records with the crowd’s vote and then sells the records back to the crowd, a threadless.com concept. Discuss…
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