Sunday, October 25, 2009

Could crowdsourcing save Microsoft?

SAP Should Give Microsoft Crowdsourcing Ideas.

Microsoft is making a lot of hay about using customer inputs to improve Windows 7. CEO Steve Ballmer made repeated allusions to the influence of customer feedback, which he said during the Windows 7 event in Manhattan Thursday resulted in “intense collaboration between our own engineering organization and our partners … and our customers..." This isn’t a matter of crowdsourcing for the sake of boosting its Web 2.0 credentials — it’s a matter of rescuing Microsoft’s inability to innovate. How is Microsoft, for all its vast resources, going to compete in the long run when it’s so clearly already run out of ideas, unless it reaches out to customers in a truly meaningful way? (Its stunning loss of market share in the smartphone market is a direct reflection of how poorly Microsoft innovates in a dynamic market. Microsoft has gone from dominance to irrelevance in a few short years because it simply has no new ideas to offer, while Apple, Research in Motion, Google and Nokia have created platforms that allow customers and partners—like app developers on the iPhone platform—to innovate on their behalf...
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