Saturday, November 27, 2010

The 10 Most Successful Crowd-Funded Projects From Kickstarter

Posted by Jay Yarow

New York startup Kickstarter is one of the most interesting startups out there.
It provides a platform for people to raise money for projects. If people hit the target they set, then Kickstarter gets 5% of the money raised.

Over $20 million has been raised through Kickstarter so far. We estimate Kickstarter will generate approximately $2 million in revenue this year alone.

What makes for a good Kickstarter project? We've skimmed through Kickstarter's many projects and picked out 10 biggest successes and tried to figure out what works.

The number one thing we see: Make sure you're actually giving something to people. Especially a physical object. The number two thing: Make sure you're targeting a passionate crowd at the right time.

1. "Save Blue Like Jazz" raised more money than any other project

"Save Blue Like Jazz" raised $345,992 to save a movie project that was going to be canceled. The book "Blue like Jazz," was turned into a film, but ran out of funding before it could hit the big screen. Supporters started a Kickstarter project to get it going and created what they call, "the largest crowd-sourced creative project ever."
What was the key? It appears the key here was that it was a project with millions of fans already built in.
Incentives? The minimal donation landed you some goodies like posters, and script pages. The director of the movie is calling people to personally thank them for donating.
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