Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yahoo asks users to submit content

Looks beyond its walls for improvement
By Lawrence Latif
WEB PORTAL OUTFIT Yahoo is inviting all and sundry to contribute content that will appear on a number of its web properties.
The initiative comes after Yahoo purchased Associated Content six months ago, and is being marketed as the Yahoo Contributor Network. The idea is to crowdsource content on Yahoo's News, Finance and Sports sections and even the firm's hodge-podge homepage.
Yahoo said its Contributor Network will "extend Yahoo's position as the leading provider of high-quality, personally relevant content by bringing the diverse perspectives of more than 400,000 contributors". However it won't be a complete free-for-all, as editors will still be in the mix, assigning and selecting crowdsourced contributions before they appear on Yahoo's websites.
For all its failings in the search market, Yahoo has managed to build up a diverse portfolio of web properties and some have been very successful. Websites such as the photo sharing service Flickr and the digital Chinese whispers service Yahoo Answers have fared well with user generated content and now it seems that Yahoo believes it is best to tap into the same free resource for its other high profile products.
Recently other large web outfits have been trying to get their users to contribute valuable information to help them provide personalised services. Yahoo is the first to go the whole hog and offer anyone the chance of having their content appear on what is still one of the most popular portals on the world wide web.
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