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Help Make the Rap Guide to Evolution DVD More Awesome Posted by David Bruggeman on November 22, 2010

Baba Brinkman just announced a crowdfunding challenge for the upcoming DVD for his Rap Guide to Evolution. The videos for the songs are being filmed – a grant from the Wellcome Trust is enough to support basic production costs. But to be an effective educational (and entertainment) tool, the videos could use more in the way of animations, multimedia, and other material.

Given the groundswell of support for Brinkman and his science-themed projects, he is appealing for folks to essentially pre-purchase the DVD. But it’s a bit more involved than that. His crowdfunding challenge is to raise 10 thousand pounds in 60 days (by January 21). Donors can contribute at different levels, and will get the following depending on their donation:
As of this posting, Brinkman’s challenge has already gathered nearly fifteen hundred pounds (it’ll go over that amount once my investment clears), with an average donation just south of thirty pounds. Since both the Rap Guide to Evolution and the Rap Guide to Human Nature are available for free, a healthy donation to this project seems a reasonable course of action to support a talented fellow seeking to support science.

To donate you’ll have to register with Crowdfunder, and for those outside the U.K., Paypal can handle the currency differences. There will be a small Paypal fee. Should Brinkman not make the goal, all money will be refunded. Since the videos are shot and edited with the Wellcome Trust grant, all that will be lost is what will boost the videos from cool to awesome.

About Baba Brinkman
Baba Brinkman is a former tree-planter who worked in the Rocky Mountains of Canada every summer for more than ten years, personally planting over one million trees. He is also a scholar with a Masters in Medieval and Renaissance English Literature. His thesis drew parallels between the worlds of hip-hop music and literary poetry. After graduating in 2003, Baba began his career as a rap troubadour.

Since 2004 Baba has toured his award-winning hip-hop theatre shows, “The Rap Canterbury Tales”, “The Rap Guide to Evolution” and “The Rebel Cell” (with MC Dizraeli) to dozens of cities around the world. “The Rap Guide to Evolution” won the Scotsman Fringe First Award in Edinburgh 2009, and is set to transfer to New York in the Spring of 2011. Baba is also the founder and president of the independent music label, Lit Fuse Records. When he is not on tour, he resides in his hometown of Vancouver.

More information about Baba can be found at
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