Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Crowd-sourcing site launches NSW Government logo

A crowd-sourcing website has organised a competition to find a new logo for the NSW Government, after Premier Nathan Rees spent thousands of dollars designing a "botched" version, the website said. DesignBay.com, a marketplace operated by a 25 year old entrepreneur in Sydney, has launched a $1,000 contest to redesign the logo. The NSW logo, which was designed after 18 months of research, was meant to resemble the state's floral emblem, the Waratah, but botanists and gardening experts have said the logo is the spitting image of a lotus. DesignBay will give $1,000 to the best designer of a new logo. The contest will run for 30 days, and has already received 10 entries.
To Learn More click Here designbay.com

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