Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Take the leap from Broadcasting to Crowdcasting

Listener Driven Radio is built on the concept of CROWDSOURCING—the process of creating by tapping into the wisdom of the crowd. When the audience co-creates programming with you, they have a sense of ownership and loyalty.LDR is a new model for radio, shifting stations from "broadcasts to crowdcasts."℠ Listeners vote, and your programming is affected in real-time. With LDR, radio stations can reach listeners through their station website, mobile (SMS and iPhone), and viral-widget. Listeners can embed your widget onto their sites the same way they embed a YouTube video. Then, LDR engages listeners, constantly absorbing their input, votes, and comments about your station’s music. This creates a community around your radio station’s brand.Finally, LDR adapts your radio station’s programming based on listener feedback and parameters preset by the Program Director. LDR ties in directly to your radio station automation system, feeding real-time commands into your station automation system based on the latest crowd-inputTo Learn More Click Here

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