Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Twitter all-star? Best Buy may want to hire you...

CHICAGO - After buzz built online about a new marketing job, Best Buy Co. Inc. is reworking the help-wanted listing that sought Twitter experience and put a number on it — 250 followers. After the initial description for the new position of senior manager of emerging media marketing was published four weeks ago, the world's largest consumer electronics chain watched as the blogosphere reacted, prompting scores of tweets, re-tweets and blog posts. The requirement for popularity on the Twitter social-networking Web site caused the most online discussion and ultimately prompted the chain to harness the technology it hoped its newest employee would use. Best Buy opened the crowd-sourcing gates and asked the public for input on just what kind of skills and talents applicants should have. A blog post by Best Buy's chief marketing officer announcing the effort generated some 3,400 hits and produced nearly 250 comments.
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