Friday, November 20, 2009

Andy Awards' 'Crowdsourced' Jury Is Revealed

The results of the "Elect the Jury" contest are in, and the final list for the 2010 International Andy Awards has some new names, such as graphic designer Shepard Fairey, among those already well familiar on the industry awards show circuit.

Andy co-chairmen Ty Montague, co-president, CCO of JWT North America, and Michael Lebowitz, founder and CEO of Big Spaceship, said, while the process may not have been perfect, they were pleased with the results of what they described as an "experiment" for the first awards show to turn the selection process over to the community.

"I'm really proud of the results," said Lebowitz, who pointed to jury members selected like Fairey and Vivian Rosenthal, co-founder of digital design house Tronic Studios, who may not otherwise have been selected to judge an advertising awards show.

In addition to Fairey and Rosenthal, the 25 judges are:
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