Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Crowd funding start up begins to franchise their business model to entrepreneurs

Pledge Based Crowd-funding Startup business for Sale...

Road-tested as "", the team-funding platform is now being offered for sale. The system covers markets from mobile phone app creation to book publishing software.

Christchurch, New Zealand (PRWEB) November 18, 2009 -- After being proven for over a year as an online service for team-funding open source software, the platform is now available for sale as a custom business tool based on social commerce.

To explain crowd-funding simply, a user could plug in $10 and fund a $4000 diary app for their mobile phone. How? Because 400 other users also put in $10 and together they paid for its development. The service allows users to fund the software they like, but only pay when they see results.

Collaborative funding tools are badly needed tool in various areas of intangible products: software, rights to copy, and so on. But cost-sharing also has application in many more traditional markets such as the not-for-profit sector which often lags behind in employing technology.

Berwyn Hoyt, the inventor of the concept, says, "This is the first time we are offering our platform in a form that really amounts to a startup business opportunity for other businesses. We've gone from being a startup to enabling startups."

There's a lot in this little nut. It can simultaneously provide funding, market testing, and a sales channel, not to mention driving traffic to your website.

The crowd-funding platform was developed by Brush Technology, a small web and software development firm in Christchurch, New Zealand. It is one of a number of e-commerce business websites that they have developed. Brush Technology services are available to extend or integrate the funding platform into other businesses and payment systems.
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