Monday, November 30, 2009 Launches Deal Crowdsourcing Site is no longer satisfied with one-deal-a-day. Now the pioneering online discount store has launched, an attempt to turn its rabid fans into a crowd-sourced deal finding-and-evaluating machine that finds dozens of bargains worthy of a “w00t, w00t!”.

The new site resembles a Digg or Reddit focused on deals, a Web 2.0 version of FatWallet and SlickDeals’ more tradtional online forums. It’s a departure for which specializes in selling a single item at a single time, usually at a steep discount. The site started with tech toys like cheap MP3 players and USB-powered ‘missile’ launchers, and then added sister sites devoted to T-shirts, wine and stuff for kids.

While Woot isn’t the first to try this, Woot has already grown a fanatically loyal user community around its sites. Already the deal site is attracting more votes per item than any previous such attempts ever seemed to.
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