Monday, November 16, 2009

Is Crowdsourcing Just Another Word for “Contest”?

Ever wanted to get a jump-start on your design or development business but your portfolio lacked the bite needed to close the deal or even generate interest? Ever wish you could just show a project lead what you can do for them? Crowdsourcing maybe the answer you’re looking for to get the projects you want without having an impressive portfolio.

Crowdsourcing Design (or Development) is basically when a project is outsourced to an undefined group, which could range from a select few to an entire industry, and most likely includes various experience levels. There are some pretty popular websites where you can try to make money selling your design (or skill) based on the project description or direction. These are a few:

* 99Designs, crowdSpring – Web/Graphic/Brand Design
* Spudaroo – Business Plans, Resumes and Content Creation
* PopTent, OpenAd.Net, Zooppa – Advertising
* NameThis – Brand Name Identity
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