Thursday, January 21, 2010

Crowdsourcing Spreads Itself Even More: 12designer Offers Now Advertising Texts

Berlin, Germany, January 21, 2010. After more than half a year online as a design platform, 12designer wanted to open the new year with new challenges and possibilities for our creative community. The undeniable success of their recently created category (Naming, which shall be known as the possibility of finding the perfect name for a new company or product), has inspired a logic evolution. Under the new denomination “Communication and concepts”, 12designer evolves to offer claims and slogans' creation, and therefore, be a huge creativity portal, not just for design.

By now, around 50 companies have already trusted in 12designer to find the perfect name for their new commercial adventure, with excellent results. The obvious evolution is to offer to those same companies the whole corporate branding process: a good starting point with a good name, and then a pretty visualization thru a logo, and then a firm strategic positioning in the market with a slogan or a corporate claim.

Eva Missling, CEO and 12designer founder: “This widening of creative spectrum was requested directly by our users. We've already got in the German version of 12designer a project, in which every content was made thru our website, even texts and descriptions. Now it is possible to find at 12designer every creative subject needed in a company's marketing communication: naming, logo, little creative texts, flyer and webdesign...”

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