Monday, January 25, 2010

Crowdsourcing talent for tourism.

Judging is now taking place on submitted entries for New Zealand's "Your Big Break"...Lord of The Rings Director Peter Jackson is currently judging talent for tourism. The subject of the film is: CAPTURING THE SPIRIT OF 100% PURE NEW ZEALAND - THE YOUNGEST COUNTRY ON EARTH.

You need to think of a script, an idea and a scenario that brings that statement to life. Remember, you need to be able to produce your idea on a reasonably limited budget and you need to be able to tell your story in exactly three minutes.The location for your filming is New Zealand. Specifically, the spectacular Queenstown area in the South Island. New Zealand was the last country on earth that any human ever set foot on. Therefore it stayed pure and green and uninhabited longer than any other place on earth. You can explore this insight further and find out more facts and observations about the Youngest Country by exploring the contents and links on this site. There are obviously a number of ways you could capture the essence of this statement. For example, it could be about the young attitude of the country – what it’s like to be a teenage country amongst the continental grandparents. It could be about the land itself – a place that still has active volcanoes and powerful geothermal activity (although not in the Queenstown area). The area for shooting, Queenstown, is also known as the adventure capital of the world.

This is not about making a commercial for New Zealand - you can take any angle on this you wish. You might take it from a personal perspective of being there for perhaps the first time, you might see it through the eyes of a visitor, or a local or purely from the natural surroundings you discover. It might be funny, sad, evocative, exciting, shocking or simply beautiful.

Remember: Your film will first be judged on the power of the idea but it will also be judged on practicalities, which are detailed below. You will need to keep in mind your timing and resource constraints when creating the idea and this will play an important part in deciding which ideas make it through to production.
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