Monday, January 18, 2010

Posterous Jumps On The Revenue Wagon; Signs Coca-Cola for Promo Site

I’ve been following Posterous since it’s Y-Combinator days, and I’ve truly been impressed by the service. The way that Posterous has figured out how to bring email back to life is what amazes me (you just email in your posts and photos). But, I’ve always been confused about how Posterous will start making money. It seems these days that all the cool consumer web startups like Twitter and Posterous are having trouble actually figuring out the revenue side of things

So I asked Posterous co-founder Sachin Agarwal how Posterous will actually make money. His answer was simple. Charge for business and commercial use of Posterous...Coca-Cola’s use of Posterous revolves around the “post moderation” feature. Any Posterous site can be enabled so that anyone can email The site owner can then moderate those posts, and publish them with a single click. This feature can be used to crowdsource images, video, and text from users.
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