Saturday, February 13, 2010

Crowdsource Problem-Solving Platform hypios Ties $50,000 Promotion to Valentine's Day

Los Angeles - No Plans for Valentine’s Day? Learn to Love Problems, Says hypios

Los Angeles and Paris — On February 14th, online problem-solving platform launches its first annual “A Problem to Love” promotion. hypios will pay a total of $50,000 to solvers of two of the world’s most compelling problems, as determined by visitors to the site.

Teleportation? A cure for cancer? Maybe, maybe not. Candidate problems must be submitted by an employee of some form of research organization—any discipline, public or private. hypios envisions that the two “Problems to Love” will be perennially frustrating research and development (R&D) puzzles. Current unsolved problems on hypios range from the mundane (how to make biodegradable, nonpolluting batteries) to the abstract (a model for frame-dragging that is consistent with Einstein’s general theory of relativity — the details of which will not be explained here).

The two top problems will be judged on structure and promise of impact, then posted on hypios for a prize totaling $50,000, giving each problem a fair chance to find a solution. One, chosen by a jury, will be worth $30,000 to the Solver; the other, selected by the public, wins the Solver $20,000 — both paid for by hypios.

The persons that posted the problems receive all intellectual property rights to Solvers’ solutions, once accepted.

“We put our heads together to consider what the ideal gift would be to problem-solvers for Valentine’s Day. And then it hit us: what about two fewer problems in the world?” posed Oussama Ammar, founder and president of hypios. “‘A Problem to Love’ embodies every problem’s quest for the perfect solution.”

“Research is a social — even intimate — activity, one that should feel engaging rather than solitary and frustrating. For people who’d rather resolve, not struggle with, research problems, this is a more heartfelt gift than flowers and chocolates,” added Klaus-Peter Speidel, co-founder and vp communications.

hypios hopes the competition will motivate people to share knowledge while discovering the advantage its website offers to researchers, engineers and scientists: that of uniting problems to a custom-tailored solution, which may, like love, come from an unexpected place.

Submissions and votes are welcome starting Febuary 14th. The winners will be announced on April 14th. uses intelligent crowdsourcing to help enterprises solve R&D problems. “Solvers” on its platform, representing diverse disciplines and industries, hail from over 120 countries. “Seekers” can post R&D problems for the network and select a deadline and a price for the Solver. hypios is only paid when solutions are found.
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