Friday, February 19, 2010

Sony Ericsson Dot: Crowdsourcing Mobile Ideas

Sony Ericsson has gone live with a new initiative called ‘SE-dot’. SE dot is aimed at crowdsourcing and developing new ideas. As the company informs us, the idea behind SE-dot is to jump the focus from technology and come down to practical ways in which mobiles can make things easy. On the site you would find ideas being put up, discussed and taken right upto prototype stage. Most of these ideas seem to be problems that developers can offer a solution to via a mobile app, but given the strength of community, Sony Ericsson can really get some good inputs from power users. Using collaboration between users Dot does better that other attempts that we have seen, like Palm asking you to give them ideas.

One cannot buy innovation but hope SE-dots sparks some good ideas though!

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