Wednesday, February 10, 2010 expanding into promotional copy

CrowdSPRING, an online marketplace where companies get freelance designers from around the world to bid on projects, is expanding into promotional copy. You too could have designed that poster for Judas Priest.

Nestled in a second-floor warehouse space amid meatpacking plants and feet from an elevated train track in Chicago's gritty West Loop, an entrepreneurial company that built its business on creating a novel way for businesses to design materials is launching a new initiative—competitive bidding for promotional copy writing.

What the company, crowdSPRING LLC, is attempting to do is akin to creating an eBay for creative work. The firm bills itself as an online marketplace for graphic and industrial designs. When Barilla needed a new pasta shape and LG needed a phone design, they went to crowdSPRING. And the company has helped hundreds of small businesses buy professional designs, in many cases for hundreds instead of thousands of dollars.

This week, the three-year-old company expands into copy writing. To find artists and writers, companies simply post their jobs at and wait for creative types from around the world to respond. Businesses offer awards anywhere from $100 to tens of thousands for top entries (a 15 percent commission is paid to crowdSPRING).
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