Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Listening To AllVoices

Can citizen media mogul Amra Tareen remake journalism and make money? At least she thinks so. If reading the news at AllVoices.com feels familiar, here's why: Its content is rated like Digg; its citizen reporting is aggregated like Google News; its publishing platform resembles CNN's iReports. All this helps AllVoices pull off a crowdsourcing coup. With a staff of 10 operating from modest office space in downtown San Francisco, it oversees 300,000 registered contributors whose content draws 4.6 million unique visitors a month. Users from around the world post stories, videos and images, filing from laptops and cell phones--"unedited by humans" says the site.

One human involved is founder Amra Tareen, a former telecom engineer who grew up in Pakistan and Australia, earned a Harvard M.B.A., then joined venture capital outfit Sevin Rosen Funds, where she became a partner. After drawing up a business plan for AllVoices in her living room, she left Sevin Rosen and launched the site in early 2008. Tareen spoke with Forbes in early February.

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