Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Crowd Source

The Crowd Source, officially, is as the blog's subtitle states: 'a running conversation about the webs we weave'. Meaning, not just a listening post to the daily machinations of the interwebs, but a sincere hat-tip to the reality that online marketing done well and right must be rooted in those conversations in which the "crowds" are already immersed. Towards that end, The Crowd Source will frequently use the lens of search to assess these realities. Unofficially, we're hoping The Crowd Sourceultimately earns its way into your marketing arsenal. And here's our guarantee: we will make a concerted effort to bring you viable, actionable ideas to make your online public relations efforts just a wee bit easier and hopefully, a lot more enjoyable. So, please, stay tuned as my colleagues and I dig deeper into those things we believe make the crowds so wise. And better yet, know that we're staying tuned to anything and everything you might decide to throw our way.
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