Wednesday, March 31, 2010 Crowdsources Website Reviews from Thousands of Experts, a crowdsourcing community for website reviews, is now home to over 5,000 web design and development professionals, marketers and entrepreneurs. Concept Feedback allows businesses and website owners to tap in to a diverse and knowledgeable audience to generate quick, actionable ideas and improve website results., a crowdsourcing community for website reviews, today announced that it now offers businesses access to the expertise of over 5,000 web design and development professionals, marketers and entrepreneurs. Anyone with a website can now solicit the opinion of thousands of web experts to help improve the online experience they provide their customers.

Once a website is posted on Concept Feedback, members are invited to provide reviews. On average, a concept receives 12 or more unique reviews, while some can generate as many as 100. Because of the nature of the community, feedback can cover a variety of topics, including design, usability, content and strategy. "Hosting an expert focus group with such a wide range of disciplines could take weeks and cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars" says Founder and CEO, Andrew Follett, "Concept Feedback provides the service instantly, for a fraction of the cost."

Each review posted is accompanied by a reputation score, which allows the customer to determine which feedback to value most. The reputation score is determined by the quality of advice the member has contributed in the past. Members who provide the most insightful reviews are rewarded with extra points, and in some cases, cash prizes.

According to Noel Tock, a web designer at, Concept Feedback is "an awesome tool, and it's helped a non-designer such as is a great way to receive constructive criticism and pre-check designs." Daniel Pataki of Webtastique had a similar experience, "On my first concept I received plenty of reviews, all of them helpful and honest, helping me make a better design." Concept Feedback has been named a "Top 10" website by HOW magazine and one of 10 "excellent feedback sources you should be using right now" by Inspired Mag.

In addition to receiving website feedback, contributing feedback can help improve technical and communication skills, as well as produce new contacts and clients. Timothy Ramler, a freelance designer and member of Concept Feedback said "I have received more immediate input from others during my short period of time with Concept Feedback than I have collectively as a freelance graphic designer. This has really pushed me to a new level."

Over the next several months, Concept Feedback is planning on releasing a number of new features and tools to help businesses create even better websites. "Gathering website feedback is essential to the development of highly performing websites" says Andrew Follett, "and we hope to make that process as fun and efficient as possible!"

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About Concept Feedback:

Concept Feedback, LLC was founded by online marketing consultant Andrew Follett in partnership with Chicago-based web development company DevBridge, Inc.


Andrew Follett, President and CEO
Concept Feedback, LLC
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