Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Scripped and Zhura Merge Together

Scripped.com, a crowd source content development company and provider of a web-based screenwriting software, has announced they have merged with online performance writing provider and online community, Zhura.com. So what does this mean? It’s a good day to be a writer…

Zhura was founded in 2007 with the goal of creating performance writing tools. They have an online community with collaboration and social networking features that help writers. Scripped was founded in 2008 with the goal of making it easier for writers to create screenplays. The company created the software, Scripped Writer, a free, web-based program for screenwriters. The software is similar to that of a word-processing software, but also automatically formats and catalogs the content to meet industry standards. The website hopes to create a community of writers and provide the necessary tools to give support to writers to successfully complete projects.

Scripped has also landed from new investment, by private angel investors, worth $250,000. With the new investment and merger, Scripped plans to move into a new location that is part of the technology incubator, I/O Ventures.

Scripped CEO, Sunil Rajaraman, stated…

“With this new investment and the merger of Zhura into the Scripped family, we believe Scripped is poised for explosive growth in 2010…At 60,000-strong, and growing adding a new screenwriter every 20 minutes, we are proving every single day that everyone has a screenplay. It is our top priority to give members of the Scripped.com community every opportunity to get their works produced.”

Board of Advisors member, Keith Richman, stated…

“The Scripped team has shown a lot of resiliency and resourcefulness over the past year. The moment a writer from Scripped gets one of their works produced and widely distributed, the company’s business model of crowdsourcing screenplays could become the norm.”

Finally some good news for all you scriptwriters out there!
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