Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wiki-Solutions to Deliver Chaordix(TM) Crowdsourcing to UK

UK leader in collaborative idea generation selects Chaordix to provide open innovation services to its clients across a wide range of business and not-for-profit sectors

CALGARY, Alberta, March 18 /PRNewswire/ -- With global demand for crowdsourcing in different geographical markets increasing, Chaordix has formed a new partnership with Wiki-Solutions Ltd, a British company that helps organizations gain competitive advantage through collaborative innovation and idea generation.

Chaordix helps organizations apply crowdsourcing for purposes including generating ideas for new products or services, predicting market reaction, enhancing brand relevance, performing tasks, fundraising and engaging a crowd to develop research, technology, policy and product solutions. The Chaordix crowdsourcing platform equips organizations to harness crowds including the broad public, employees, consumers and other stakeholders. Participants submit, collaboratively refine and rank contributions that organizations can then apply to perform better.

"There is a strong and growing interest throughout the UK in using crowdsourcing and online collaboration to boost innovation," said John Williams, Founding Director of Wiki-Solutions. "With Chaordix's proven large crowd and enterprise-strength crowdsourcing solutions, we believe we will be bringing a new level of open innovation capabilities to organizations in the private, public and voluntary sectors."

"We're pleased to be working with Wiki-Solutions to bring enterprise-class crowdsourcing technology and services to the UK market," said Shelley Kuipers, Chaordix President & CEO. "The expertise that Wiki-Solutions brings, in combination with our experience in running crowdsourcing programs, will result in fostering greater and greater participation in open innovation among telecoms, non-profit and governments throughout the UK."

About Wiki-Solutions

Wiki-Solutions helps organizations harness the power of collaboration to originate ideas and solutions through a unique set of online tools which enable the solution of major problems or the development of new opportunities in workshops unlimited by time or place. Wiki-Solutions was founded by a group of leading marketing entrepreneurs to enable innovation in leading professional services firms, non-profit organizations and market leaders in the packaged goods, retail, information and communication sectors. Find out more at

About Chaordix

Chaordix makes it simple to seek and interpret input from the broad public, customers, employees and other partners. Delivered in a software-as-a-service model, the Chaordix crowdsourcing platform taps crowds for the business intelligence to innovate, improve operations, and reduce the risks of competing in the marketplace. The name reflects the fusion of chaos and order inherent in distilling wisdom from a multitude of voices. Find out more about us at Chaordix is a proud venture of The Cambrian House, Inc.
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