Wednesday, March 3, 2010

InnoCentive Awards Prizes for Third Annual Crowdsourcing Video Challenge

Winning Videos Convey Power of Open Innovation Problem Solving -- Unlimited Possibilities

today announced the winners of its third annual marketing video Challenge. Andrew Patterson of Edmond, Oklahoma, David J. Michael of Rockford, Illinois and Jason Harper of Rocklin, California won $7,500 USD, $1,500 USD and $1,000 USD respectively for placing first, second and third in the competition. This year's Challenge focused on the theme, "Unlimited Possibilities: InnoCentive Solvers Changing the World." The winning InnoCentive Solvers' videos best communicated to the public how just one person can make a difference by participating in open innovation. Click here to see all winning videos.

"Drawing from their creativity, these Solvers captured in their videos the essence of the power of a single person to change the world through open innovation," said Dwayne Spradlin, CEO of InnoCentive. "It's our role to connect these millions of inventive and 'uniquely prepared' minds with the needs of organizations all over the world to make an impact."

Winning videos will be used in future InnoCentive marketing campaigns where appropriate. Previous videos have appeared in broadcast stories about InnoCentive on networks including The Discovery Channel, FOX and CNBC, in sales presentations, and at trade shows and industry events.

When asked about their vision for the videos the winning Solvers shared the following:

"InnoCentive is an international effort, but after watching past competition videos, I realized that I wanted my video to be less universal in scale than the others," said Jason Harper. "InnoCentive has a fantastically global consciousness, but on the ground level, it's often a few stellar individuals in lonely rooms at midnight who make the difference and solve problems. Showing that sort of person's experience was the key to my video."

"I wanted to concretize the concept 'innovation' by pointing to some of the world's great innovators and problem solvers," said David J. Michael. "InnoCentive embodies the tenacity and ingenuity of those people. When you present a problem to the Solvers at InnoCentive, it's almost like being able to phone one of history's greatest innovators."
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