Monday, March 15, 2010

Google crowdsources free intel of which city really wants high speed broadband ...

Google Fiber: Pick me! Pick me!

If you're watching closely the city's efforts to bring Google Fiber to Baltimore, take a look at The Baltimore Sun's editorial today on the project.

It's titled "Five Reasons Google Should Pick Baltimore."

As an aside, I've been thinking about how clever Google has been with their fiber effort. The free publicity they've gotten for it has been amazing.

Also, the online search giant has probably saved a lot of time and money by basically asking for municipalities to provide them information.

In the old days when a big company wanted to do a project like this, they'd usually spend tons of money on researching an ideal location.They'd narrow it down to some top candidates and then work with those selected to make it happen, with behind-the-scenes lobbying and negotiations going on, of course.

But Google is getting municipalities like Baltimore, Topeka "Google" Kansas and others to trip over themselves to submit the relevant information on their communities, for free.

It's really a brilliant move on the part of Google to essentially "crowdsource" the interest in this fiber project.

For Google, why waste time pursuing it in communities that may not be excited about it, when there are scores who are willing to do whatever it takes to lure Google to their community?

Google: you'z so smart.

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